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Medical Battalion Training Site

Located on Fort Indiantown Gap, the Medical Battalion Training Site (MBTS) is one of two like organizations in the nation. MBTS’s mission is to train medical tasks to medical and non-medical personnel. The primary mission of the MBTS is to conduct the 68W Healthcare Specialist Military Occupational Specialty Transition (MOS-T) course. MBTS offers additional courses as required such as 68W Comprehensive Medical Training / Sustainment, Combat Lifesaver (CLS), and Basic Life Support (BLS). MBTS also offers customizable training and training support to requesting units and organizations when resources are available.


All training is conducted according to TASS standards (Total Army School System) that mirror the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Courses at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The training utilizes the current doctrine and training materials, experienced certified instructors, and equipment compatible with the training requirements and your unit of assignment. Recently, we have integrated the current operating environment (COE) issues that Soldiers will encounter upon mobilization to a theater operations area. MBTS is a state-of-the-art facility utilizing state-of-the-art simulation to make training realistic and effective.



MBTS facilities consist of the main building, a covered training area with MOUT village, a motor pool and forward Operating Base (FOB) with seven buildings, and a Litter Obstacle Course. MBTS is located adjacent to Training Area A-17 which allows aircraft to land for more training opportunities. The main building houses the classrooms and a state-of-the-art, total immersion medical simulation center built around the tenants of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3). The Care Under Fire Room simulates a city intersection facilitating homeland response or urban terrain considerations training.  The Tactical Field Care Room is dynamic to allow room reconfiguration. The Tactical Casualty Evacuation Room simulates both an UH-60 Blackhawk and M997 HMMWV Ambulance to assist with casualty loading principles. Another simulation room, the EMT Mock House Room, resembles a residential building, allowing training of homeland response considerations. Simulation rooms include the ability to project scenario-driven realistic lights, sounds, scents and smoke. Infrared video cameras record the scenario training, allowing for comprehensive after action reviews.


Simulation Devices:

From weighted mannequins for patient movement to remote controlled trauma trainers and Wi-Fi enabled simulators for advanced medical interventions, MBTS is equipped with many human patient simulators of varying degrees of fidelity to accommodate a multitude of training task. MBTS works closely with research and development organizations to assist in the advancement of medical simulation technology.  The unit provides input in initial developmental states and BETA tests devices to provide feedback.