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Honorably Discharged Veterans are eligible for funeral Honors. When available, PAMFH provides this service at no cost to the families or funeral homes. We are Honored to provide these services for departed Veterans and their families.


Funeral_Info.jpgModified Full Honors - (9 Soldiers)

Consists of:

  • Chaplain (When requested and if available)
  • Firing Party
  • Playing of Taps
  • Flag Folding
  • Flag presentation to next of kin

Authorized for: 

  • Retirees with 20 or more years of service
  • National Guard, Reserve and Active-Component services members who died while on Active Duty

Funeral_Info2.jpgVariations of this configuration may be used due to availability.

Military Funeral Honors conducted at National Cemeteries are considered Full Honors.

Modified Honors - (2 Soldiers)

Consists of:

  • Playing of Taps
  • Flag Folding
  • Flag Presentation to next of kin

Authorized for:

  • All Veterans with an Honorable discharge

Required Documentation:

  • DD214 for Active Duty or Reservists
  • NGB 22 for National Guardsman

**If you do not have the required documentation please visit the National Archives to obtain a copy


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