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The Pennsylvania National Guard Public Affairs Office wants to let your community know what you have accomplished. One of the methods we use is the Hometown News Release Program, which is a simple and efficient process that lets us tell your community and your family your news. This program is open to all Pennsylvania National Guard Airmen and Soldiers.


The Hometown News Release program takes the information you provide us and produces a short story, then they market that story to the news agencies in your hometown areas and to those of your family members. We do this with the information that you provide, so please be as accurate and thorough as you can. It will only take a couple of minutes to fill out the form.

Some of the appropriate instances in which you can submit a Hometown News Release form:

  • Graduation from military schools
  • Promotions to E-3 or higher
  • Selection for E-9 or O-6 or higher
  • Participation in major exercises or overseas deployments
  • Awards of Army or Air Force Achievement Medal or higher
  • Re-enlistment or retirements
  • Individual achievements
  • Receipt of college degree, include field of study
  • Non-Commissioned Officer of the Month, Quarter, or Year
  • Direct commissions and warrants
  • Competition winners
  • Assumption of command
  • Change of responsibility



Fill out a DD 2266 (Joint Hometown News Service - News Release Information Form)


IMPORTANT: When filling out the form, in the 'Public Affairs Office (PAO)' fields, PNG Members MUST enter "Pennsylvania National Guard" as Post/Base and "Joint Force Headquarters" as your Unit - you will enter your actual unit further down the form under 'Duty Information'. Failure to enter these exact values in the 'Public Affairs (PAO)' fields will result in your form not being routed to the correct approval authority.


From there, the form is self explanatory. You can hover over the question marks on the form for help. The form will be submitted for approval and then sent on to your local news agencies. Please ensure that you attach all supporting documents for the event. For example: promotion orders, copies of the degree, copies of the citation, etc. Without these supporting documents we can’t process your release. Picture attachments are encouraged.


Once submitted, the Pennsylvania National Guard Public Affairs Office will review the form and forward it on to the Joint Hometown News Release Program for distribution. No further action is required on your part after submitting the form.

If you need any assistance, please contact the PNG Public Affairs Office at ng.pa.paarng.list.pao@mail.mil or call 717-861-6894.