NEWS | April 18, 2020

Pa. National Guard supports Broomall Nursing Center

At the direction of PEMA and DOH, 18 members of the Pa. National Guard reported to the Broomall Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Broomall Pa. to assist in current staffing shortages.  The group, a mix of military nurses and medics, are assisting the facility with providing routine care to non-acute patients. They military providers started April 18th, working 12 hours shifts. 

“It’s something that we train for all the time, we’re ready, we have the equipment and the experience and I’m pretty sure that is why we were tasked to do this mission,” said Maj. Thomas Wagner, doctor of nursing practice, Detachment 1, 193rd Special Operations Wing.  “I’m real appreciative to the Air Force for allowing us to be here and my civilian workplace.”

As of April 18, approximately 1,000 Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG) members are involved in supporting our response to COVID-19.

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