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171-19D30- Cavalry Scout ALC Phase 1 & 2


PACKING LIST: 19D30 ALC Packing List.pdf


1. We congratulate you on your selection to attend the 19D30 ALC, Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 ADT. This is a resident course conducted at FT Indiantown Gap, Annville PA. This course will require you to be attentive, apply yourself during practical exercises, and be prepared for each class. We will do our utmost to see that your time at the 1st BN 166th REGT is productive, and that you will be an even greater asset to your unit when you return.


2. The following information is provided for students attending the 19D30 Cavalry Scout ALC Phase 1 / 2 ADT conducted by the 1st BN (MNVR), 166th REG (RTI).

a. Students may attend the course in an Annual Training or Active Duty Training status.

b. One additional travel day is recommended at the completion of the course for all students flying or driving long distances.




*Please report by:


1700 hrs, (PHASE 1) of your course start date.

1700 hrs, (PHASE 2) of your course start date.


*If reporting after 1700, contact SFC Spieles @ 717 861 6765 or kurt.v.spieles.mil@mail.mil


a. Students will report to Building 8-80 upon their arrival on the report date of orders. Usually 1 day prior to the course start date (Travel Day)

b. Quarters are available the evening prior to training for early arrivals. Report to the Staff Duty NCO located in Building 8-80 for room assignment.

c. Students will report for In-Processing in the Army-Issued IPFU (T-shirt, Shorts, Pants, Jacket, White Socks and Sneakers) with the following items:

(1) Valid Military ID Card.

(2) ID Tags.

(3) Copy of profile (if applicable).

(4) Copy of any DA1059 or Cert of Training (ALC-CC DL or SSD-2)

(5) Post Reservation Checklist - Must be COMPLETED on ATRRS by your unit COC

(6) 5-Copies of student’s orders.

(7) Valid Civilian AND Military driver’s license.


d. Failure to provide the above listed items may prevent course enrollment.

e. Departing: All flights must be scheduled on the day of graduation. Students will be allowed to maintain their barracks room for one additional night if a flight cannot be scheduled until the day after graduation.





It will be the responsibility of the student’s unit to provide transportation to and from the course, if POV is not utilized. Military transportation will be provided during the conduct of the course. Student itineraries must be sent to SFC Spieles at kurt.v.spieles.mil@mail.mil for transportation from a mass transit facility i.e. Harrisburg Airport, bus or train stations.



Privately owned vehicles are authorized. Parking for POVs is located near the student barracks. (See enclosure 2)



a. Classroom instruction is ACU complete

b. Physical Fitness is IPFU complete (seasonal)

c. Field Training (ACH, Eye Pro, Ear Pro, Load bearing vest, equipment for 48 hours of operations)

d. Uniform will be prescribed per the training schedule, and worn in accordance with AR 670-1.

e. Washers and dryers are available in the barracks

f. Refer to Enclosure 2 for equipment requirements for the course.



a. Billets and meals will be provided. Linen will be provided.

b. Students will need to bring personal hygiene and comfort items.

c. Students will be assigned to a room upon reporting for the course.

d. Barracks must be maintained IAW the building maintenance SOP.



a. Parent unit will process pay and allowances.

b. USAR students are required to bring a completed DA Form 1380 from their parent unit.


a. Students should bring adequate funds for personal needs.

b. The main PX, clothing sales, and a barber shop are located at Bldg 9-120.

c. Students will sign for a student laptop and wifi is provided in the classroom only

d. Students can be contacted by calling (717) 861-6765.

(1) Collect calls will not be accepted for any reason.

(2) School telephone numbers are provided for emergency calls only.

(3) Students will be issued a laptop computer during in-processing for coursework. There is commercial internet in the barracks that is pay to use. There is internet available to the students (free) in the classroom.

e. Daily incoming/outgoing mail service will be provided. Address for the school is

as follows:

SSG Joe Nineteendelta

19D30 ALC Student

1st BN (MNVR), 166th REG (RTI)


ANNVILLE, PA 17003-5002


f. Physical training is a course requirement, and will be conducted every other day, this is student led. Facilities are available for those that wish to do any extra type of physical activity after duty hours. A reflective belt or vest is required for running on post, except on the running track.


g. Students should bring appropriate civilian attire for commander’s time.

h. Alcohol, drugs, and firearms are prohibited.




a. Students must meet prerequisites Active Army or Reserve Component enlisted Soldiers qualified in MOS 19D.

b. Students must bring their state driver’s license.

c. Profiles, IAW AR 350-1, Section III, Paragraph 11.

(1) Students with a valid temporary or permanent physical profile must provide two copies during in-processing. Students with a temporary profile that prevents full participation in the course will not attend the course until the temporary profile is removed.

(2) Students who have permanent (Category II and III) profiles must have been before a medical screening board prior to attending the course. Students who have not been medically screened and classified with appropriate limitations will not attend the course. Students who have been medically screened before a medical screening board, awarded medical limitations, and allowed to retain MOS will be eligible to attend the course and required to meet course requirements up to the limits of their profile.


d. Students with the following conditions should not attend this course:

(1) Fractures with or without cast.

(2) Recent surgery.

(3) Upper respiratory infection.

(4) Any medical condition involving medication that may impair the individual.

(5) Any medical condition involving medication that requires refrigeration



Sick call is daily from 0700-0800 in building 8-80.



Physical training is conducted during this course every other day and is student led. There IS an APFT and Ht/Wt requirement for graduation from this course. Failure to pass the APFT re-test, given one week after the initial test, or failure to pass Ht/Wt, will result in “Failure to Achieve Course Standards” on a DA 1059 and the soldier will be removed from the course as per Army Directive 2012-20.



Students may be relieved prior to course completion IAW AR 350-1, Section VIII, Paragraph 5-29 for the following:

a. Administrative Reasons: An administrative reason may be granted for such reasons as emergencies, personal problems or extenuating circumstances and the individual will be released back to parent unit. In addition, a medical release may be granted when illness, hospitalization, or a physical profile precludes successful completion of the course. Course completion credit will be given (only) to those students who can successfully complete the entire course.

b. Disciplinary Reasons: Students may be dismissed for infractions of school policies, the Honor System, or violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. In addition, a student may be dismissed for lack of motivation.

c. Motivation: Demonstrative lack of motivation, i.e., receipt of more than two counseling sessions for minor violations of school policy, may facilitate dismissal from the course.

d. Academic Reasons:

(1) Academic dismissal will occur when a student fails to achieve course standards.

(2) Students who fail to meet established HQ TRADOC test standards through additional separate evaluation (test) followed by reinforcement training for each failure, and reviewed by the Commander, may be dismissed from training for academic deficiency.

(3) A student may also be dismissed for missing more than 10% of the course instruction (8 hours of training).

(4) If a student repeatedly fails a test and if more than adequate time for training and retraining is given but student’s progress is causing hardship on instructors and/or fellow students, commander can dismiss student.

e. APFT or HT/WT Failure: Failure to comply with APFT standards as per FM 7-22 will result in removal from the course.



a. Student passes will be determined by the Course Manager (CM) and approved by the Commander.

b. Emergency leave from school will be determined and approved by the Commander.



The chain of command will be explained to students during orientation, and will be strictly adhered to. All matters will be handled through the chain of command beginning at the lowest level.



a. The cadre is available at any time for counseling and grievance. Students with personal problems or grievances should utilize the chain of command. Every effort will be made to resolve student problems at the lowest level.

b. Students will be counseled as required for disciplinary actions, substandard performance, and attitude problems.

c. Grievances will be handled IAW appropriate regulations.

17. Our objective is to teach you the skills you need to become an effective Maneuver Leader on the battlefield of the future. To do this, we will use small group discussions, multiple practical exercises, Blackboard Exams, 2-day VBS3 training exercise as well as a continuous, 48 hour, task intensive FTX.


18. The following link will take you to the Army Career Tracker website to the 1st Battalion page for more information. Please log into the ACT website through AKO prior to copying this link into your browser:




19. POC is SFC Kurt V Spieles at (717) 861-6765.