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1. Congratulations on your selection to attend the Battle Staff NCO Course at the 3rd BN, 166TH Regiment at Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. Report in accordance with your orders and no later than 1500hrs on the report date listed on the Army Training Resource Request System (ATRRS). Recommend report between the hours of 0800 and 1500 hours. Ensure you report with your Common Access Card, 4 copies of your orders, any profile documentation and your unit contact information, including UIC data. If you are not able to report by 1500, please contact the Battle Staff Course Chief of Training, MSG Andrew Frengel, at 717-861-8876 to make other alternate arrangements.


2. Soldiers attending the BSNCOC must be in the rank of SGT through SGM, assigned to or projected for assignment to a valid ASI coded "2S" position IAW DA PAM 611-21.


a. Each Soldier attending the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course needs to have a memorandum for record signed by the first O-5 in their chain of command stating they are in a valid ASI 2S position, pending reassignment to an ASI 2S position, or on orders to an assignment requiring an ASI 2S qualification. A GS-12 or CSM (in the case of NCOAs) may also sign this memorandum if there is not an O-5 in the Soldiers chain of command. Soldiers who are in a valid 2S position may submit a Unit Manning Report (UMR) that shows that they are in a valid 2S position in place of this memorandum. This memorandum or UMR does not need to be submitted prior to the start of the course, but needs to be turned in during student in processing as part of the students packet.


b. BSNCOC is offered to all NCOs in the ranks of E-5 through E-9.


c. Units may request an exception to policy for Soldiers who are not in a valid ASI 2S position, pending reassignment to an ASI 2S position, or on orders to an assignment requiring an ASI 2S qualification to attend the BSNCOC. This request for exception to policy must justify why the Soldier needs to attend the BSNCOC and be signed by the first O-5 in Soldier's chain of command. A GS-12 or CSM (in the case of NCOAs) may sign this request for exception to policy if there is not an O-5 in the Soldier's chain of command. Soldiers who show up to the BSNCOC without this request for exception to policy will be returned to Unit as a prerequisite failure.


3. All Soldiers are expected to meet height and weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9 to enroll into the course. Soldiers who fail to meet their allotted body fat on the initial screening will be denied enrollment into the course and sent home.


4. All Soldiers traveling by plane will fly into Harrisburg International Airport (HIA, airport code: MDT) which is located 30 miles from Ft. Indiantown Gap. Before leaving home station, double check your ticket/itinerary to ensure your destination is HIA. The same applies to train and bus travelers; your end location is also Harrisburg, PA. Return flights and other transportation will be scheduled no earlier than 1200 hours on the "graduation" day. All students are required to attend the graduation ceremony. The uniform for graduation is ACUs. Transportation to and from air or other transportation terminals is the responsibility of the sending unit.  Authorization for a rental car is strongly recommended as the student billeting area and classroom areas are not collocated. They are approximately 2 miles apart. 


5. You must wear the uniform IAW AR 670-1 and reflect a positive, professional image. It is your responsibility to achieve and maintain these standards.




a. ACUs (OCPs/ACUs) with authorized boots and patrol cap (2 sets) 


b. Complete Army Physical Fitness Uniform (APFU)


c. Athletic running shoes


d. CAC ID card and identification tags


e. Authorized cold/wet weather outerwear (as needed for travel to classroom;

there is no field component to the course)


f. Personal hygiene and comfort items (towels and bedding provided by billeting)


g. Civilian Attire


h. Padlock


i. 670-1 authorized carrying bag or backpack (transport classroom materials to and from class)


j. Personal laptop with CD/DVD reader is strongly recommended.


k. Extra Fine Map Overlay Marker Set (Black, Blue, Red, Green) – markers and a graphics template will be provided, however availability may be limited at times





Battle Staff students will stay in post billeting at a cost of $25.00 per night. Room keys will be assigned during in-processing. Battle staff students WILL NOT contact post billeting directly. Linen and blankets are provided for each room. Wireless internet is available for purchase in the billeting rooms


BSNCOC students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the billets. Billeting areas and classrooms/DFAC are NOT collocated.  





Government rations are provided and will be utilized. 

Students will pay the Government Meal Rate (GMR) for all contracted meals provided. The current GMR is: $3.45 for breakfast, $5.60 for lunch, and $4.85 for dinner which equals $13.90 per day. GMR is subject to change each calendar year. Units are responsible for authorizing GMR reimbursement in DTS prior to students traveling.





Fort Indiantown Gap is located 22 miles northeast of Harrisburg, PA on Interstate 81:


·         If traveling north on 1-81 - Exit at 85B

·         If traveling south on 1-81 - Exit at 85

·         Follow Route 934 North to Fort Indiantown Gap

·         At the first (and only) traffic light, turn right, onto Service Road. Go approx. 250 meters and make the first right onto Bearty Ave.

·         Building (8-80) will be on your right

·         If traveling by GPS use this address: 142 Bearty Avenue, Annville, PA 17003.




1. Illegal drugs

2. Medications without prescription

3. Personally Owned Weapons (POW) Firearms; knives with blades over 3”

4. Pornography





The training in BSNCOC focuses on:


Preparing Sergeants through Sergeants Major for duty as NCOs in battalion and brigade-level staff positions. It utilizes the small group instruction (SGI) methodology and focuses on planning future operations and managing current operations of a battalion and brigade-level command post. Subject areas include: Mission Command, Staff Operations, Operational Environment, Stability Operations, Information Operations, Cyber Defense, Brigade Combat Teams, Urban Operations, Tactical Sustainment, Military Briefings, Graphics & Overlays, Plans Orders & Attachments (POA), Command Post of the Future (CPOF), and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).





1. Soldiers must score 70 percent or higher on the following four written examinations; as well as two briefings and an evaluation on the STAFFEX performance. Only one retest is allowed for each primary evaluation/examination.


2. Below are the evaluations administered during this course.

    a.   E101 is a knowledge-based examination covering Operations.

    b.   E102 is a knowledge-based examination covering Plans, Orders and     Attachments.

    c.   EG&O is a written examination covering Graphics and Overlays.

    d.   ECOA is a written examination covering Course of Action Sketch with Narrative





Graduation is held on the last day of the class at 0830 hrs. Students rehearse the day of graduation. The uniform for graduation is ACU/OCP. Family, friends and unit members are encouraged to attend your graduation.





For complete information and a copy of the welcome letter, please review the 3/166 RTI BSNCOC webpage on Army Career Tracker (ACT). Drill down is ACT Homepage; communities; other communities; NCO Academies; Army National Guard Communities; 3/166th RTI (NCOA) Fort Indiantown Gap; BSNCOC Library


3rd Battalion, 166th Regiment (NCOA)
Bldg. 8-80, Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003-5002
Phone: (717) 861-8876
Fax: (717) 861-8271