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071-11B30 - 11B ALC


PACKING LIST: 11B30 ALC Packing List.pdf


1. Congratulations, you are enrolled in 11B30-C45 ALC to be conducted by the 1st Battalion, 166th Regiment (Maneuver).


2. Reporting time is 1200-1630 on your report date in building 8-80, room 165 to be directed to in-processing and HT/WT Screening. Students reporting Saturday night after 1630 will read the board outside of Bldg 8-80 to find out how to receive your room key. Government quarters and dining facilities are available and will be utilized.


3. All soldiers will take an APFT at 0600 on Day 1.

a. If you are on a permanent profile bring it with you to the APFT.

b. Any Soldier failing the APFT will have one week to prepare for the retest.

c. Any Soldier failing HT/WT will have one week to prepare for retape.

d. Any Soldier failing the retest or retape will be sent home immediately.




5. Students must have a current ID card, 2 ID Tags, and a valid state driver’s license, and military driver’s license (if you have one).


6. All Students are to report to the APFT in Army PT uniform (T-shirt, Shorts, (Sweat Pants and Jacket optional), Socks, Sneakers).


7. Uniform requirements for classes are ACU/OCP with patrol cap and outerwear as per weather conditions. Students must bring items listed on attached equipment matrix.


8. Students will be staying in military barracks free of charge, bed linen is provided.


9. In the event the Student cannot attend this course, cancellations must be submitted through the unit’s chain of command in accordance with your local SOP. If the unit fails to do so, the Student will be counted as a NO-SHOW on ATRRS. This NO-SHOW becomes a part of the Student’s official training record.


10. While here during the course, In the event of an emergency, Students can be contacted by

calling (717) 861-6761.


11. POC for questions concerning the course you are attending is SFC Thompson at (717) 861- 6761.


12. As a requirement for enrollment each student must have the following:


a. Two (2) copies of your orders

b. Post Reservation Checklist (should be completed in ATRRS under PRCL screen) if done in ATRRS a copy isn’t needed. (AC students will hand carry a Pre Execution Checklist)

c. Meet height/weight requirements at in-processing and if applicable DA Form 5500R.


13. The pre-execution checklist must show that you have at least a CO Score of 87, PULHES of at least 111221 or better, and Red/Green Color discrimination. It must be filled out by your readiness NCO and signed by your commander.


14. The following link will take you to the Army Career Tracker website to the 1st Battalion page for more information. Please log into the ACT website through AKO prior to copying this link into your browser:




15. If traveling by plane, bus, or train; email itinerary to Joshua.j.thompson.mil@mail.mil - failure to comply will result in you providing your own transportation. Transportation will be provided from the Harrisburg International Airport to FTIG via military shuttle. Upon arrival to airport call duty driver at (717) 861-6761.