Pa. National Guard Operation COVID-19 Summary

By Lt. Col. Keith Hickox | May 22, 2020


As of May 22, approximately 1,200 Pennsylvania National Guard (PNG) members are involved in supporting our response to COVID-19. Some are actively conducting missions while others are preparing in anticipation of additional tasks with our state and federal agency partners.

Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s proclamation of disaster emergency, signed March 6, the PNG can enter onto state active duty for missions designated by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. The PNG receives its tasks from PEMA under any state of Emergency.

To date, the PNG has assisted in:

The PNG is currently continuing support to:

The PNG has set up its Joint Operations Center and all five Pennsylvania Task Forces, the same ones used for storms and other state emergencies. The geographic task forces, known as PTF Force North, PTF South and PTF West, provide localized command and control over the PANG units, resources and tasks within their assigned geographic areas. The two functional task forces are known as PTF Aviation and PTF Support.  

Members of the PNG live and work in communities throughout Pennsylvania and are following the Pennsylvania Department of Health recommendations to protect their force, families and fellow Pennsylvanians.

The PNG has canceled or postponed most of its scheduled training to support mitigation efforts and help protect the force, our families and communities. Units that have been preparing to deploy overseas will continue that preparation with special measures taken to prevent transmission. 

The Pennsylvania National Guard currently has 500 Soldiers and Airmen deployed around the world, with another 1000 preparing to mobilize.